Friday, September 24, 2010

This is Why

Why are Americans holding Tea Party protests?

This is Why.

There must be a line. A healthy boundary, I say a lot. Everyone should have them, healthy boundaries that is. What we allow and do not allow. What we accept and do not accept. What is good for us, what is not. Boundaries protect us. Give order. Keep the bad out, the good in.

A country must have them, too. A healthy country. One that survives. But not only. One that also flourishes. We must have boundaries, a line that says, "Yes, we accept this. No, we do not accept that."
The Constitution is that boundary. It sets the limit of what government can and cannot do. Our budget is a boundary, it shows what we can and cannot afford. Individual freedom is a boundary, it limits what the government can and cannot control.

The Tea Party isn't a revolutionary movement. A new idea. The Tea Party is a reminder of the boundaries that were established long ago and have given Americans the greatest country to ever exist in the history of mankind. The Tea Party is simply standing up for healthy boundaries.

Why the Tea Party? That is why.