Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Every feminist should be chanting, "Drill, Baby, Drill."

This video:

Is in response to this video:

And this emoticon:


Is in response to unshaven B-list actors pimping their politics.

Friday, August 19, 2011

From Poet Paulo. A Sonnet To My Wickedness. (I'm not THAT bad.)

I sing a song of Tara

Oh she of bouncy blond curls

And the laughing eyes

And the dimples so deep

You think you could put your whole fist in them

And you'd kind of like to

Because she'll probably hit you first

When you're not looking

She's mean like that

Nobody really knows her

They think she's sweet

Those curls are deceptive

They lend her an air of innocence

All the better to deceive you

With her country girl charm

Hick-like, one might even say

She even drives a jeep

As any cool country girl should

A deep throaty laugh

This covers over the malevolence

That occasionally bursts forth

Despite her rigid control

Gaze deeply into those lovely blue eyes

Or green. I don't recall

Because I see only

The pools of molten fire

Dancing there

Reflecting the tortured souls

Of those she has left in her wake,

She has her act down well

"I'm a sweet country girl"

"I love my family"

"My dad is the best man I know"

It's all a facade

Cleverly crafted

In some bureau

Where she's a high ranking member

LIke Kevin Costner

In "No Way Out"

Surely she's not that evil

Just for kicks.

At some point she'll drop her cover

Or be activated

Maybe she's actually in charge

Like Dr. Evil

Or Goldfinger

Or the guy who releases the McRib

Only occasionally

I've never had one

But I've heard they're really good.

Be warned, dear reader

Be wary of her charm

The Bible says it's deceptive

I'm reluctant to warn you

With specific examples

That could reveal my identity

I have a family

And she's just mean as hell.

Girls vs Boys

Because on Friday, I just like to laugh. And because this is true. Except in my past experience, forget the rock. It was usually something on fire.

Hey. Love hurts.