Friday, January 29, 2016

Nothing gets by Gabby.

You can't plan for swollen tonsils. You just can't.

Or sick kids. Or car trouble. Or traffic jams. Or economic slumps. Or life turning out not as we envisioned.

You can't. You just can't.

Swallowing past a baseball isn't the worst detour I've ever encountered. Far from it. It only made me laugh. Sort of laugh. Sardonically snort, really. Nothing like living life with a goiter on the week you've planned your book launch party.

I call her Gabby.

Gabby enjoys hot liquids, warm apple sauce, and giving me dreams about being throat punched. She also likes ruining my entire book launch schedule, which I had planned for today.

I took off work to make it happen. I worked late hours to take off work. I cooked a huge pot of chicken soup to eat on all week so I could work late hours.

Gabby was not moved.

When I realized this wasn't a short-lived sore throat kind of thing, I knew I had two choices to make:

1. Obsess about how to salvage my plans.
2. Learn to be more flexible, reschedule my book launch party, and watch the next season of Downton Abby.

Guess which one I chose.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What kind of a writer doesn't blog?

This girl.

Right here.

Actually, that's not true. I blog. Of course I do! I just haven't been blogging. Present perfect active tense. And, no. I didn't know that. I looked it up. It may still be wrong.

To focus on my book, as well as a new job, I took a minor blogging hiatus and crawled back into my shell. Also, the seating is really comfortable in here and there's always fresh guacamole to snack on. The shell is a happening, happening place.

Nevertheless, I will be posting more in the future, especially now that the book is published and READY FOR SALE.

English is such a tricky language. I want to make sure I explain that last statement fully.

READY FOR SALE means that my book, Not Another Superhero, is now ready for purchase on Amazon. And purchasing anything on Amazon is an incredibly sweet experience of our capitalistic system. You should give it a try. Here's where you could start your joy journey.

Anyway, all this to say if you've visited me before, or this is your first time here, I really will be around more AND I'll have a new look soon, too. Website reconstruction underway.

So come by again. But feel free to visit Amazon first. Amazon gets so lonely.