Thursday, May 26, 2011

President "We" v President "I"

The difference of their own words.

If I didn't know better, it looks as if - outside of that one brief statement concerning the military's brave action during the actual raid - Obama lead the investigation, gathered the intelligence, and tapped Osama twice in the head all by himself while sitting inside an air-conditioned, heavily-guarded fortress in DC.
Why does the man not wear a cape?

A marriage proposal for the movies? UPDATE: Cameron Diaz doesn't do marriage

Not just cute. Funny. An unsuspecting girl just found out she's the newest romantic comedy.

Even I thought this was adorable. And I flee from public displays of emotion as if being hunted by vampires with poor flossing habits.


Cameron Diaz thinks marriage is Commitment? Love? Paleeze. People should just hang out and do stuff know...whatever.

She's had so many successful relationships herself (except when the word relationship is used in a plural sense, it doesn't lend to the credence of any success) that she wants to share some wise, cerebral advice.

(Italics are mine)
“I love men more than anything. But not enough to marry one. I want all men to be happy and have rad women in their lives,” Diaz says. Right on, right on. Rad. Got it. “But guys need women who challenge them and don’t let them get away with their s-." Or women should just not date men with s- behavior. "Women, conversely, need to not be crazy b-– I'm sure she's not referring to herself who blow up when their guys tell them something that scares them.”
What could possible scare them? Diaz has already placed the bar so low on male behavior, i.e. no actual commitment needed, s- behavior accepted, what else could they possibly do? Make a lifetime commitment to anyone but her?

Ah...maybe that's the problem.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Death About THIS

Bin Laden is dead. And as the political pundits and celebrities and faux journalists debate how this will help Obama in next year's election, here's a reminder of exactly why we celebrate this victory today.

It isn't about one political candidate or one election. It's about fighting evil and bringing justice. It's so much bigger than a politician.

It's about this act.

It's about these words.

American men and women have been fighting since the beginning, for ten long years, to bring victory in this one battle. Last night our military celebrated. Today they went back to work, back to war, back to being the only impediment between us and those who seek our destruction.

That's what this is about.