Monday, September 20, 2010

Fire from the Heartland: a movie about feminine strength

What is a feminist?

I've avoided that title my entire life. Feminists, or what liberals have defined as feminists, are angry women. Masculine women. Women who must degrade men to elevate themselves. Women who sneer at femininity, instead of embrace it without apology. They degrade the value of motherhood, of children, of self-respect from a moral perspective. Feminists tell women to treat sex like a man, to act like a man, all while scoffing at the value, contributions, strength, and invaluable attributes of men. A liberal-termed feminist may succeed in business, but she does so with a chip on her shoulder and hardness about her mouth.

Want to feel powerful ladies? Then be powerful ladies.

An admirable woman, to me, is one who is a force to be reckoned with because of her unique feminine flair, not in spite of it. She's joyful, not angry. She's optimistic, not bitter. She's passionate, not biting. She's not only a wife and a mother, she loves the role. Excels at it. She encourages male strength, instead of viewing it as her competition. She embraces female attributes because she's confident in her individuality. And even in the face of obstacles, even, dare we say it, unfair treatment, she succeeds in all her endeavors without self-pity because challenges invigorate her.

This is how we should redefine the term "feminist." And these conservative women are doing just that.

Women being empowered, making a difference, fighting on the front lines, without dropping a stitch of clothing? Welcome to the conservative movement.

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kristin said...

Love the trailer- can't wait to see this documentary!