Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jon Stewart: We came, We saw, We suck

Biggest surprise of this monologue? Elements of truth.

Wait for the Bill Ayers joke. And the Biden joke. And the Democrat ad joke. And, if none of that amuses you, enjoy the clips of Obama and his "post partisan" rant at Wisconsin. Did he really say Republicans were sucking on slurpies? Why yes. Yes, he did.

Gotta respect a man who takes absolutely no responsibility for his actions and their obvious repercussions. Very Presidential of him.

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Obama told it straight at one point. He has accomplished 70 percent of his agenda.

- Bankrupt America? Check
- Irritate racial relations? Check
- Take over healthcare? Check
- Pay off the unions? Check
- Insult our allies? Check
- Alienate the Jews? Check
- Sympathize with terrorists? Check
- Indebt the next two generations of Americans? Check
- Increase government control? Check
- Fundamentally change the country? Check
- Party like it's 1999? Check. And check again.

What's left? I guess it's time to start selling off some of the flyover country to China.

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"Well, I'm doubly disappointed in you. The most disappointing thing about you? You're disappointment in me!" Love it.