Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Right TV, right now

The Right Network has launched. Yay and all that. I'm really quite excited but just not in the mood for exclamation points. Maybe it's the rain. Maybe I need a snack.

In other more interesting news...I'm posting a couple of pilots or shorts. But check it out for yourself at Only, not at work. It sucks you in. Also something I won't describe with exclamation points.

Now, for the fun part. Videos.

Here's the RightNetwork promo reel. Gives you an idea of what to expect and what's to come. Here's where I'd plug in a yeehaw, but it's just not the same without the exclamation points.

This is Flatbed & Ned. I knew a guy named...Ned, once. They're talking about vampires, as are most girls from ages 35 and under who appear intrigued by the prospect of bleeding out.

One more Flatbed & Ned just because.

Up Next: Evan Sayet's Right 2 Laugh. Conservative comediennes, really? I thought conservatives were miserable misers who sit in our dark homes in our dusty rooms rubbing our gums together where our teeth use to be and thinking about how we can hurt the little people, while simultaneously being the little people.

Liberal talking points generally cancel each other out, if you can stand to listen.

Don't judge the period usage. I really am excited about RightNetwork. Truly. Excited.

How about an emoticon instead?

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