Wednesday, March 16, 2011

President Pipsqueak?

Don't look at me. I didn't say it. Though I'm not denying the point.

That's what John Podhoretz at the New York Post is afraid will be Obama's legacy - being a pipsqueak. I say now is the time to fear for the nation, not the President's political future. But I'm weird like that.

In the midst of this perfect storm of world catastrophe, what we know about Obama is...NOT his decision on Libya, NOT his future plans on the fallout from Japan; not to mention, NOT his plans to lower fuel prices, stabilize the financial market (the Dow dropped 240 points today), cut spending (our debt rose $78Billion yesterday - yes, in one day), or keep the food prices from skyrocketing (they rose 3.9% - highest jump in 36 years - last month).

What we do know about Obama is that he picked Duke for one of those NCAA bracket thingies and that he's heading to Rio for a speech and then taking the family sightseeing, a long awaited break after all the work he's been putting in on his golf swing.

He's like an actor thrown into the real-life role of his character and he thinks the show's writers are back in the conference room revamping the script. So he's stalling until his lines show.

This is not a leader.

Sadly, however, we only get one President at a time and he's it. He obviously doesn't want the job right now. There are many who don't want him to have the job right now. But he does. And that's that.

So time to do it. Right now.

Here a brief preview of what the Post's Podhoretz is asking:

Where is the president? The world is beset. Moammar Khadafy is moving relentlessly to crush the Libyan revolt that once promised the overthrow of one of the world's most despicable regimes.

So where is the president?

Japan may be on the verge of a disaster that dwarfs any we have yet seen. A self-governing nation like the United States needs its leader to take full measure of his position at times of crises when the path forward is no longer clear.

This is not a time for leadership; this is the time for leadership.

So where is Barack Obama?

The moment demands that he rise to the challenge of showing America and the world that he is taking the reins. How leaders act in times of unanticipated crisis, in which they do not have a formulated game plan and must instead navigate in treacherous waters, defines them.

Obama is defining himself in a way that will destroy him.

Except in the eyes of the Duke players.


Jason Michael Shuttlesworth said...

Give the guy a break...His teleprompter is probably broken and in the shop right now.

Catherine Zoller said...

The sound of the chant, once not so loud, is gaining momentum every day. "One term! One term! One term! One term!" The only thing that could possibly save us if there were some way for it to be half a term.