Thursday, March 17, 2011

Father Knows Best. Honestly, he does.

My father's favorite television show. Especially the title.

This is for my Daddy who is having his birthday today. That gives me the excuse to talk about him.

I picked this clip because it actually reminds me of my father when I first purchased my Jeep oh those many years ago. He kept needing to "test" it. Make sure it was safe. Take it for drives to ensure everything was "working properly."

The last few seconds of this clip are my favorite. That look on the father's face as he drove away? That was so my dad behind the wheel of my Jeep.


SydneyKathryns said...

Hi Tara. Someone posted your clip from Courageous on my facebook page. The funny thing is, I have a niece with your exact name, here in Michigan! And your pictures are even similar, as is your age!
That said, I loved your blog posts, regarding Dads, and am looking forward to seeing the movie. We've been keeping up with the progress all the way through; and just know it's going to touch many lives. Thanks for posting about it!

Tara Lynn Thompson said...

Hi Sydney. Tell my doppelganger (or maybe I'm her's) "hello" from me. Tara Lynn Thompsons of the world, unite. :)

Appreciate the comment!