Thursday, March 17, 2011

Courageous: Movie Trailer

Today, on his birthday, I celebrate a father like this. He has always been courageous, always honorable, and, without a single second of hesitation, I've trusted his decisions and his leadership. Even when I didn't understand.

Why? Because I had no doubts of his love or devotion to me. Not ever. Not once.

Isn't that how we should feel about God?

There is no substitute for an honorable man. Period. Without them, there is a literal black hole in our culture. Men of valor are indispensably critical. That means as fathers, as husbands, as leaders, as simply men.

Yes, they are that important. As the daughter of such a man, I can assure you there is no substitute. Not even a loving mother. A father is existential. They have a definitive role, fill a specific need, and when they aren't present, that need is not met.

A man choosing to be anything else leaves an irreplaceable void. So here's to the men who are loving fathers, who are honorable husbands, who are men of their word, protectors of those weaker, and warriors for our world.

You're the only superhero we'll ever meet.


betty said...

my dad died 31 years ago and he loved me so much much more then i realized he was an awesome father and ilook forward to seeing him in heaven

betty said...

i have been brought to joyful tears with Flywheel, Facing the Giants and Fireproof and i can hardly wait to be brought to joyful tears again with Coirageous

Tara Lynn Thompson said...

What a beautiful testament to your father, Betty. And I hear you. When I take my father to see this movie with me, tissues I will be bringing.

Karl said...

I got to see a screening of it a couple of weeks ago and it is the BEST of the Sherwood Pictures movies yet! I laughed, I wept, I was encouraged as a man and a father!

Liese said...

I just have one question: Is this movie coming to any theatres in Canada? Please? I think our men should see it too!