Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Time to rearrange the furniture. Bear with me. Things might look a bit kooky for the next few hours. Take your dramamine and hold on.


Done. I think.

What say you?
The new look: Love it? Hate it? Have better things to do than form an opinion one way or another? Feel pressured to now create an opinion you previously didn't have? Wish I'd stop reading your mail? Now freaked out thinking I'm literally outside at your mailbox reading your mail?

You should go check. I might be out there.


Jason Michael Parrish said...

Love the new place. Where is the antic house at?

Tara Lynn Thompson said...

Don't know. Wish I could be cool and say I took that picture. Or at least discovered that picture. Instead, I just found it on a template builder.

But thanks. Still tweaking. Might chunk it all and just go stark raving white.

Left and right sides of the brain are fighting it out right now.

Jason Michael Parrish said...

Don't go stark raving white.

Leave that to the mad people and eccentric reclusive biologists who spend all day staring through microscopes at microscopic creatures while under the influence of energy drinks and banana chip/Dr. pepper/vanilla ice cream floats.

You have been warned...

Tara Lynn Thompson said...

And here I thought banana chips were our friends.