Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reason TV's Nanny of the Month: No raw milk for you!

I had raw milk for breakfast. Raw goat milk, in fact. And it was delicious and nutritious.

Nutrition is a bit of a hobby for me. In fact, I'm baking fish right now, along with green beans, which I will consume gleefully with a cucumber and avocado salad in about three minutes. No, it isn't a diet. God gave me curves. I have no plans to give them back.

I've studied nutrition for my personal use, for friends, for simply the desire to be knowledgeable, for over ten years. I love to eat healthy. Love how I feel. Am romanced with a bucket of freshly picked berries, instead of flowers. Nutrition is my thing.

But what's great about it's also my choice. Should I decide to deep fry that fish, trade the green beans for french fries, and swap the cucumber salad for a brownie, the decision is mine. Not a bureaucrat. And I will deal with the nausea and afternoon nap that follows.

Everyone is different, nutritionally speaking. We're individuals. Our bodies react to food in our own unique way. Some of us need more salt, some less. Some more carbs, some less. Some more protein, some less. Some of us should be eating artichokes. Some of us don't want to.

We're not children. We don't need Mommy Government smacking our hands away from the cookie jar. Besides, Mommy Government doesn't know jack about nutrition. Or this bureaucrat chick would know that raw milk does a body good.

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