Friday, January 30, 2009

Sick day

I broke a record, a 12-year record. And I won't tell you what. If you want to know, see Seinfeld's "The Dinner Party" episode and what happened to the black and white cookie.

I've been sick and feverish and blogging while running a temperature could be humiliating for yourself, as well as your future generations. So sorry for my absence. I'll be back next week with my senses in tact, or at least no looser than usual.


kristin said...

why is it that most things in life can be explained via an episode of Seinfeld? another reason i love that show.

Lindsey said...

Hope you feel better ASAP! Also, when you do return to the blogging world, I wanna hear more of Singularity!! Either that or you can just give me a printed copy. :)