Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nothing but Love for Mia

She's pure conservative heroin. Mia Love is running for the newly opened Congressional district in Utah. Since I can't vote for her, not being a resident of Utah and all, instead I'm going to write her a letter everyday until she concedes to being my friend.

Good idea? Bad idea?

Yes! Watching this video gives me a crick in my neck from nodding my head in agreement. This is everything that conservatives are: Hard working. Positive. Responsible. Giving. Achieving. Fighting. Independent. Admirable. On and on, this girl has definitely won my patriotic heart.

These are the role models girls should be following. These are the representatives we should be electing.

Good luck Mia! Expect me to make a nuisance of myself soon.


John in KS said...


The part of my heart that wants to believe there are still people like Mia who seek public office has been moved deeply.

I am grateful that her seemingly sincere words and convictions shattered some of my preconceived notions about how pigeon-holed people are.

God bless her an her family!

Tara Lynn Thompson said...

Exactly John.

As conservatives, we are the anti-cultural movement. In other words, everyone from Hollywood to Oprah to George Stephanopoulos are at a fever pitch trying to convince us we are alone. No one is like us. No one will stand publicly who shares our core convictions.

If we can be convinced of this, then maybe we'll stop fighting so hard.

But here is the liberal mistake that even George, bless his crotchety heart, doesn't understand about us: we'll never give up. We will always rise to the occasion, whether that's in someone like Mia running for office or someone like you voting your ideals.

We're not going anywhere.