Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When Playboy really does have good articles

First, this article comes with no pictures, other than two patriotic boxing gloves. Both appropriately attired in dead cow hide. Second, it's long. Third, it's worth it.

Andrew Breitbart sat down with liberal headliner Paul Krassner (I hear he's famous; News to me) for a back and forth conversation at, rumors are, an Applebees. The article is the transcript, I'm assuming, unedited, since it made Paul look rather melodramatic, conspiratorial, and biting, while Andrew came off exactly like Andrew always does: armed for a fight but relaxed enough to throw swings at his leisure.

Am I prejudice?

Read it for yourself and find out. They cover every topic from Krassner's - quickly becoming obsessive - interest in Clarence Thomas to the Tea Party to ACORN and even a few notes on agnosticism and Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Best, and most telling, line of the entire conversation is the very last. 


Anonymous said...

"I'm beginning to doubt my doubts."

Best line from Breitbart.

Love what you've done with the place. Are you working for real money yet, with your intensely awesome writing ability? I do hope so. You are a talent that needs to be seen.

Tara Lynn Thompson said...

Real money? Who needs that? I have my monopoly game and my drums and my bong. Wait. That's not me.

Thank you! I'm still doing freelance copywriting full time. Anything more? Well...I'm always whiling away at something. ;-)