Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three cheers for Inequality

Here's the word that always pulls us into a bog of self-pity woes, self-centered desires, and self- aggrandizing posture. One little word. Four letters.

It's a ridiculous argument - the call for fairness. Who's qualified to determine fairness? Who shall be its arbitrator? Its enforcer? Its judge? King? Goodbye democracy. Hello servitude.

Richard Epstein, law professor at New York University School of Law, explains the unfairness, if we can use that term, of pushing for monetary equality. Sound like a yawner? Believe it or not, it isn't. This video is eight minutes of fabulous pointers fired off like common-sense bullets that silence every whining socially conscious question from his PBS interviewer. Notice the man's looks after Epstein answers. He's frustrated, flabbergasted, and flopping around like a fish on dry land.

His beliefs have no merit or standing in reality. And so he goes for "don't you feel" questions? Epstein handles those, too.

Amazing. An exciting video from PBS. 

Do you truly want a better life for the low income? Then tell Occupy Wall Street to go home and promote capitalism. Freedom to make money makes our world better even when we're not the ones making it.

Equality is never justice. It's a rant for the greedy. The true greedy: The ones who want money they didn't earn for work they never performed that required time they never spent and suffering they refused to endure.
Now that's unfair.

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Victoria Hoke Lane said...

Wow, it's a treat to hear from someone who is truly brilliant as well as fully capable of articulating that brilliance in a manner that the average person is able to comprehend. He makes his point very well. Thanks, Tara....and I've been missing you!