Friday, July 8, 2011

Quote Them: the gender gap

"Men think everyone notices them until someone tells him otherwise. Women, on the other hand, think no one notices them. "

My male friend,
who explained this phenomenon last night over dinner

PS Any thoughts? I assume he's accurate from the male perspective. Not being a male, I can only surmise. As for females, he's got it about right. Most women believed it takes partial nudity to get noticed. And the culture confirms it. But the culture is rarely right.

I say keep on the clothes, lift your chin, walk through life and prove the lie wrong.


Victoria Hoke Lane said...

Excellent advice, my dear. May we of the feminine gender take it.

Jason Michael Parrish said...

All single guys are aware of every single woman in the area. All single guys notice all women, whether they're married or not, if they're attractive. I don't think single woman really notice single guys(that much)unless they've talked a bit. Married men only notice their wives if it's a happy marriage. If the marriage is unhappy, the married guy merely acts like a brute animal and notices anything vaguely resembling a female. Married women notice only their husbands, whether the marriage is happy or unhappy. Recluses from society go out of their way to not notice people, but are more aware of others and can practically read their thoughts. The older one gets, the more discernment does grow. And when the hair turns to gray, with the wrinkles and crows, one generally notices a person's spirit. Men think everyone notices them, but I don't think other's really notice them. It's more like everyone just stares blankly at everyone else. Of course, this might be completely different in the Mid-West.

Tara Lynn Thompson said...

Everything's different in the mid-West.

Jason Michael Parrish said...

That's true. Everybody I've ever met from TX,OK,KS...have all been nice people that speak coherently, have good manners, and cook well. The area from D.C. to Connecticut is another story. I'd like to live there, but I need mountains to look at and climb.