Monday, April 25, 2011

VIDEO: Would you share your GPA?'s different. That was the most common answer. Of course, no one could explain why.

When these students approached the top 10 percent of their university and asked them to share their "excessive GPA" like the federal government expects individuals earning over $200,000 to share their "excessive wealth", the students supported the "tax the wealthy" mentality while adamantly refusing to share their GPA.

What reason did they give for the double-standard?'s different.

How is it different? Because they were being asked to give, not receive. And they are right. From that angle, it really does look different.


Broadlighter said...

Taxing people is not the same as asking them to give. There is a difference. And the difference is, when you tax someone, you are forcing them to give. They have no choice. It's the same as a mugging on the street, but at a much different level.

When you ask someone to give, they have a choice of whether or not to give.

Tara Lynn Thompson said...


Greg said...

.... and being forced to give (taxed) is not a mugging?

The U.S.A. is supposed to be the land of opportunity, equality and fairness. I worked 60-80 hours a week to pay my own way through college while others that fit neatly into "disadvantaged" categories received free tuition and books. So, while I was working, supporting myself and paying taxes, I was "being forced" to support those who would not work to accomplish the same goals.

How is this fair? Only a liberal could think this is right.

Tara Lynn Thompson said...

Greg, how dare you be self-sufficient. you.