Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Restore Sanity rally and the Craziness It Breeds

When Comedy Central comediennes say they're holding a rally to Restore Sanity, take it as a joke.

I was curious about the event, however. There were so many questions to be answered, like....

What did they do for entertainment?

That answers the, "Was anything funny?" question, too.


Where there opportunities for good, rational conversation?

Democrats are in power but Republicans are stopping Obama. If only that were true. Maybe after today it will be.


What happens when you don't bring your papers?

Crowder was minding his own business, going out for ice cream, and boom! He's deported.

How hard was it to find "irony"?

Not hard.

Next question.

What about multiculturalism? Appropriate signage? Okay, I'll make this one easier. Sanity?

That did it. I'm no longer curious.


JG said...

Someone tried to tell me that all those people were just parodying "stupid" Tea Partiers, like it was all one big performance art act. Ridiculous.

Tara Lynn Thompson said...

Oh geez. Sounds like that someone is parodying reality.

Alan said...

I was in Washington that weekend to run the Marine Corps Marathon...a fantastic experience, BTW...and saw the stage being assembled for the rally the day before. We didn't bother going to the mall that day although we did try to go to Arlington Cemetary to scope out the marathon finish at the Marine Corps Memorial. We couldn't get onto the Metro because it was so full of riders going to the rally. We ended up walking the mile and a half to the cemetary. It was faster and easier than waiting an hour for a train.

The odd thing was that there have been vastly larger rallies held in the "DC" yet they did not jam the Metro transit system near as bad as the Sanity rally participants did. It was reported that a record number of passengers were on the trains that day...yet nobody knows why. Did anybody actually attend this rally or were they totally lost on the trains?...."geez, I don't know if this is our stop or not. Better keep riding until we see the Jon Stewart station."


Tara Lynn Thompson said...

Alan? Marines? Marathon?

Tara. Civilian. Impressed.