Tuesday, April 21, 2009

stuffy-head fever so you can rest medicine

I don't know what that is. Nyquil? Isn't that mostly alcohol? Isn't it more fun to just drink wine?

Yes, I have a cold. A bad one. A foggy-headed one. A itchy throat, can't stop blowing my nose, why are my eyeballs swelling, cold. And in this state, despite the fact I've still been writing to meet deadlines, I fear high-voltage danger of blogging with a fever.

No, I'm not usually feverish when I blog. Though it might appear that way, sometimes.

So...I'm going to take a few hours, maybe even a whole day, and not write anything until my face stops looking like Rudolph or Bill Clinton, whichever mental image you prefer.

Be prepared! For the end is nigh! (I'm talking about the flu)

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