Monday, December 29, 2008

ghost in the machine

Hey everyone, I meant to get back to blogging today. We even missed our Monday Fun. I never like to miss fun. But for some reason, a reason even the technical support at my domain host couldn't understand, my site just vanished for a day.
Perhaps it was on vacation.

It's back up now so I'll be posting tomorrow.

Sleep tight!

Tara Lynn

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Jason Michael Parrish said...

There was a very very interesting book written years ago by a physicist called 'The Ghost in the Atom.'

Each individual electron has an uncanny ability to know the exact location of every other electron in the universe.

Nobody knows why or has any explanation, but this really bothers physicists. . .especially the Atheist ones.

They say that 90% of the universe consists of Dark Matter, which is basically unaccounted for mass-yet must exist for the Laws of Chemistry and Physics to work the way they do.

Personally, I think humans experience only 10% of Reality-as-it-really-is and after what we call death, (really isn't it more like a re-birth), we will experience Really 100%.

Then we'll be able to do really cool things like walk thru walls, on top of water, and go to the dark side of the moon (if it's still there) and see the really neat constellations.