Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Buyer's Remorse: Boston music festival

Yesterday you paid for a jazz exhibit in Missouri. Today you're bringing a classical music festival to Boston. Your appreciation for music has no bounds. You're stimulating the economy by...playing music or something.
Then the recession hit and hopes dimmed - that is, until Rose heard about $50 million of federal stimulus funds being allocated, after heated debate, to the National Endowment for the Arts.
Free money?! Big sigh of relief. American workers will lose their jobs but festivals live on!
BMOP applied for a special stimulus grant. It worked. Presto: $50,000, or about 80 percent of the new festival’s budget.
Like magic. Obama and the liberal Congress waved their hand over the hat and PRESTO! Cash! The heavens rained down stimulus money. And the artists soaked it up.

Via, more of your generosity in today's government fatty Pork Report:

Today’s Pork Report from Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) identies at least $315 million in wasteful Washington spending:

Congress boosts its own budget by $250 million; Increase will pay to hire consultants, hold receptions, and send postcards to voters

Only 16% of Americans believe Congress is doing a good job

Medicaid spends $65 million on prescription drug abuse, including paying for thousands of prescriptions for dead patients

Puppet theater in Philadelphia receives federal stimulus funds

80% of Boston’s music festival being paid for with federal stimulus funds; The six-concert, three-day event plans to “jump-start the classical music season and the national economy”

Nevada spending federal stimulus funds to underwrite “crucial festival director position

Despite being in good financial shape, Idaho festival receives stimulus funds to pay for next year’s festival

Now we're all Susan

A caller on Rush today will twist your heart and straighten your spine. She speaks for all of us conservatives - Republican or Democrat. This is the America I know - fierce, independent, passionate, and fighting.
You need to hear this.

Spoofing obnoxious, overpaid celebrities. It's the American way.

That bastion of comedic brilliance Will Ferrell, a man grossing $20 million for acting like an overgrown man/child, sat in a dark studio with other overpaid and rather forgettable actors to make this joke of a joke commercial for ObamaCare.

Then a group of American citizens spoofed them.

Guess which one is more intelligent? Oh, and funny. Definitely more funny.

Here's the overpaid actors:

I laughed more at this two minute clip than an entire 2-hour Will Ferrell movie. Here's the average, unknown citizens:

Acting is so hard. Only anyone can do it. And then gross large sums of money and spend their off time making fun of people grossing large sums of money. When comparing the two careers: one entertains sometimes though often not, one provides insurance for your health care.
I don't mind companies making profits for providing an invaluable service. I know. Weird.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NSF: where porn discoveries begin

The National Science Foundation (NSF) have been researching porn individually in the privacy of their offices. In fact, one committed senior NSF executive spent 331 days funding poor, overseas women by surfing porn. When his inexhaustible research was discovered, he retired.
“He explained that these young women are from poor countries and need to make money to help their parents and this site helps them do that,” investigators wrote in a memo.
His extra-curricular research cost taxpayers between $13,500 and $58,000.

But don't worry about wasted money. The NSF handled it. Their internal watchdog group, the agency's inspector general office, simply cut back on investigating grant fraud and recovering misspent tax dollars - their primary mission - to focus on their employees porn habit.

Tada! Government efficiency.

I'm confused. The last time I worked in the private sector was over two years ago. Even then, there were blockers on everyone's computer. And had been there for years. I couldn't even spell check certain words in an article without "SENTINEL BLOCKER" popping up on my screen. Yet our government still has the red light glowing above their door.

The National Science Foundation: Where Discoveries Begin.

Buyer's Remorse: Jazz exhibits

Americans are fervent music lovers. In fact, with 14.9 million currently unemployed, with a 9.7% unemployment rate, your generosity astounds me. Yet despite no work to provide for yourself and your family, you still spent $300,000 for the John H. Baker Film Collection exhibit at the American Jazz Museum in Missouri.
It's a fine exhibit, with state-of-the-art SoundShower technology, all thanks to you.

So don't worry about that mortgage. Relax about that car payment. Don't freak out over the grocery bill or the water bill or the gas and electric bill in a record-breaking cold year with winter on our heels.
Loosen up. Listen to some jazz. Or travel to Missouri and see the exhibit you funded, if you can afford the $8 admission ticket.

Big Government reports more of your generous donations. You've spent....

"Deliver Us, Obama"

I can't make these things up. Despite an active imagination, I cannot fathom the twisted reality these leftist live inside.
Recently, several videos of children singing chants and songs to Obama have surfaced. I haven't even posted them all due to their creepy nature. I feel the urge to purge afterward.
And this one is only worst. It happened last year. We've got adults doing Gregorian-style chants where Obama is spoken to as if a deity. Excuse me as I chase my skin currently crawling.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hannity interviews G20 protestors: liberal derangement syndrome on display

Well, they convinced me. Let's march or something.

As you watch the video of the violence in Pittsburgh this week, let's remember those tears of Nancy Pelosi and her terribly, unwavering fear of conservatives at Town Halls and their violence. The busted windows, the injuries, the attacks against police, the vandalism, the chaos in Pittsburgh, oh the tears she must be crying. Hook her up to an IV. Can't have our Speaker dehydrated.

No one needs to make more than $500,000 a year? So death to prosperity. Death to research. Death to ingenuity. Death to corporate growth. Death to invention. Death to medical breakthroughs. Death to higher standards of living. Death to technological advances. Death to dreams.

Who do they think are gambling and fronting the money for the inventions - from medical discoveries to consumer products - making life better?
The rich.
Who do they think are hiring employees, providing jobs and opportunities so families can have a better future?
The rich.
Who do they think are paying for their education, their roads and bridges, their government programs through a higher tax bracket?
The rich.
Who do they think are creating wealth in the world so they have opportunities for job placement once they graduate college?
The rich.
Who do they think are donating money and food and possibilities to the non-profit organizations reaching the most desperately poor?
The rich.

Not only the sublimely rich, but also those with greater prosperity who voluntarily donate their money to the charities of their choice.

These girls don't want poor people to succeed, they want rich people to fail. They want government-sanctioned theft. And believe me, the government wants to sanction it.

Here's the reality, a trifle little thing elusive to these girls. Financial equality is impossible. It can not nor never will be. You cannot dole out $44,000 to each individual and expect utopia. Some will take that money and gamble it away. Some will spend it all on Twinkies. Some will invest it and make more. The level playing field cannot be in dollar amounts but in opportunities.
That is what makes capitalism work. It's open to everyone. If you have an idea, you have the freedom to use your talent and ingenuity and hard work and make that idea a reality. And if it has value in the open market, you deserve to reap the rewards of that idea.
That's equality.

In a socialistic state, someone will always control the purse strings. It can either be left up to a free market, to the people, where opportunities are available to all who work and seek them out. Or it can be controlled by a monopoly, otherwise known as the government.

But make no mistake, someone's going to get rich.

Quote Them

"President Obama dreams of a world without weapons . . . but right in front of us two countries are doing the exact opposite.
Iran since 2005 has flouted five security council resolutions. North Korea has been defying council resolutions since 1993.
I support the extended hand of the Americans, but what good has proposals for dialogue brought the international community? More uranium enrichment and declarations by the leaders of Iran to wipe a UN member state(Israel) off the map."
Nicolas Sarkozy
French president

PS He even called Obama's resolution 1887 a waste of valuable diplomatic energy.
Just great. Now even the French are tougher than us. With whiny O as Commander-In-Chief, we might as well start sucking our thumb in public.

Curtsy to Gateway Pundit

Kevin Jackson: young, talented, black...conservative?

I've just discovered Kevin Jackson. Shame on me for not noticing him before. Now, however, I'm a definite fan.
He's behind The Black Sphere blog and author of The BIG Black Lie. He's young. He's black. And he's conservative. Add the fact he believes in God and you have the single most attacked minority in America.
Our post-racial President wants to talk about racism? Let's talk about racism. Here's a great introduction video of Kevin schooling a young union supporter about real racism in America - the attack of the black community by the Democrat party.

August 2009

Racism disgusts me. It truly makes me sick to my core. To judge anyone because of the way they look? Ignorant. Stupid. Filthy.
That principle also covers people who are white, who are poor, who are fat, who are physically handicapped, and on and on. But if you truly care about racism, about minorities treated with disdain, then you cannot be silent about the vicious, vitriolic, and unmerciful attacks the black community and Democrat party wages against black conservatives.

It's a pure form of hate. Black conservatives are men and women, inspired by the knowledge of their Godly-intrinsic value and abilities, to break free from the "victim" mentality and stand on their own. They are empowered. And because of this, they are no longer slaves to the Democrat mentality that the black population needs to be coddled, controlled, and treated as inferior.
Black conservatives realize their equality in the world. They realize that challenges, even if from racial bigotry, serve to refine their character and strength, to sharpen their edges, to make them even better than before. As challenges do with all of us.

I greatly admire black conservatives because they truly do have a more difficult hurdle to overcome: the indoctrination from liberals that they can't make it on their own. And once realizing that as a lie, they are forever persecuted for it.

That is racism in America. And it's ugly.

Here's Kevin again, on Glenn Beck during the 9/12 rallies.

September 2009

I'll leave you with words from Kevin. If you get a chance to hear this man speak, I recommend listening.

Due to the death of my mother when I was five, I was adopted and raised by my grandparents who were staunch Democrats. I recall as a child watching Reagan give a speech in his unsuccessful run for the presidency, after which I said to my grandparents, “Why are we Democrats, when what we believe is what that guy [Reagan] just said?”

That moment was the birth of The Black Sphere—self-appointed “Offender of the Left” sworn to set the record straight on the destruction by Democrats to the black community.

I am just a poor kid, who was fortunate enough to have been exposed to what the world has to offer in a most unique way. I witnessed life through black and white, and through poverty and wealth. I have always held an optimistic outlook, and my grandparents instilled in me a “no excuses mentality,” combined with work ethic.

I am flawed for sure, but I have always decided to like what I see in the mirror, despite my flaws. I strive to be a better person, and to give my best to all situations. I am a believer in God and family, and feel fortunate to have you read my words, thus giving me a voice.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kirk Cameron pushing Darwin...with a twist

I listened to the beginning of this video, wondering, "What are they up to?" When I got the gist of it, I smiled. Brilliant. Present both sides of the argument and let students decide for themselves.
It use to be the meme of journalism. But then, that was when journalism cared about truth. People who have the truth do not fear lies because the truth always overcomes. It has it's own authority. It works without aggression. All that it needs is to be spoken.

I want one of those books.

"We're talking, of course, about celebrities."

Andrew Klavan takes a look at the root of racism and the idea of "group think" within the celebrity mindset.

It isn't pretty.

But it's funny.

Mr. Tax-Law-Writing-Tax-Evader

I have...I just have...I have nothing to say. Just watch.

When beer commercials find a higher purpose.

Rush on Leno

Great interview. Rush, as only Rush can, made great conservative points in nine minutes. And here's what I found interesting - the applause. This audience loved him and his points. Of course they did. Conservativism makes sense.

On his show today, Rush said he missed an opportunity to make a point. When Jay spoke about Wall Street pay and whether or not they deserved or needed that much money, Rush said he should have asked Leno is he needed over 200 cars.
The point is: it isn't any of our business who has what and what they do with it. Not in a free market society. Period.

Then Rush got in an electrical car and ran over Al Gore. Twice.

ObamaCare or Prison

Universal Health Care for all.

If you don't buy it, you'll get fined. And if you don't pay the fine, they'll send you to prison where you still get universal health care.

It's like Heaven...or something.
Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) received a handwritten note Thursday from Joint Committee on Taxation Chief of Staff Tom Barthold confirming the penalty for failing to pay the up to $1,900 fee for not buying health insurance.

Violators could be charged with a misdemeanor and could face up to a year in jail or a $25,000 penalty, Barthold wrote on JCT letterhead. He signed it "Sincerely, Thomas A. Barthold."
It's about choice. It's about competition. Paleese. Those NJ second graders might not even buy that.
It's about government mandates where you fork over your cash or go to jail. Sincerely, Tara L. Thompson

NJ Parent: It's like 1930s Germany

The kids might have enjoyed their "mmm, mmm, mmm" song about Barrack Hussein Obama, the video where the Presidents name substituted the name of "Jesus" in the song, "Jesus Loves all the Little Children."
Parents, however, are outraged.
And the school board? They're just ticked someone caught them doing it. Any relation to ACORN here? It sounds like their playbook.

Let me understand this. The teachers are saying second graders wrote the lyrics of the song about "equal pay" and "equal in his sight"?
Those are freakin' brilliant kids. They are educated on current events, including the law Obama had recently signed concerning "equal pay" during the production of this song, as well as Christian terminology. And including his middle name?
Why it's genius, ladies and gentlemen. Pure genius.
When I was in second grade, I was stressed over learning to tell time and adding the leg onto a "q". They've got an entire school full of prodigies.

60,000 pray in Times Square

With the news of 50,000 Muslims called to DC today for the Islam on the Capital rally, I thought you might find this news heartening and encouraging.

This happened on Sunday. Don't be surprised you didn't hear about it. This doesn't fit into the media's playbook. But it doesn't erase the fact it happened.

60,000 pray in Times Square

NEW YORK – You can see most anything at Times Square in Manhattan.

But 60,000 people praying? That's an unusual sight in the heart of Broadway.

Yet, that's just what happened there yesterday for one hour – from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. in a Christian rally called Prayer in the Square.

Event organizers from Time Square Church had expected some 15,000. But their expectations were far exceeded at the third event of its kind in the last three years.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who helped the church cut through the red tape necessary to hold such an event, addressed the crowd.

"It's a little strange for me to be up here," he said. "I'm a Jew. But I just celebrated Rosh Hoshana, our new year. So I guess it's appropriate for me to wish you all a happy new year."

Despite the magnitude of the event, no major media covered it – even in the center of the media world on a slow news day.

More than 200 churches joined with the Times Square Church in promoting the rally to pray for the city and the nation.

The Islam event's website, at the very bottom of the page in large, block letters, declares: Our Time Has Come.

As God has proven throughout history and will prove now and in the end, they are quite wrong.

Time to Pray: in Tulsa and beyond

It's time.
As a Christian, we all know the days will progress into further and further animosity toward Christ. He warned us 2,000 years ago so it's not a surprise.
The world will hate you, He said. But take heart, they hated Me first. And I have overcome the world.

For religion to remain free, Christianity must always be the majority and leader of religions. Period. It is the only religion which allows other religions to worship freely, without persecution, without death. Christians, if firm in our faith, do not fear other beliefs because we know the Truth has authority, has power, and transforms the hearts of man all on its own.

That doesn't mean, however, we will not be expected to fight for the continued freedom to speak the Truth.

Complacency is nice. It's like the lazy days of summer, a mediocre type existence where nothing is required, nothing gained. You float as if adrift in a boat with no destination and no hurry to get there.
We can no longer afford complacency. It is time to pray, to fast, to seek God's hand in the coming days.
And the time to do so is now.

This is from the WallBuilders newsletter, one of my utmost favorite organizations, led by David Barton.

As nations such as Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands (and many others in Europe) have become more secular, they have demonstrated a willingness to embrace virtually anything – anything except their traditional Christian foundations. In fact, they now regularly repudiate those foundations, promoting abortion, legalizing homosexual marriage, and changing their traditional legal codes. And accepting the falsehood that all beliefs are equal and that truth is relative, they have even been willing to incorporate Islamic Sharia law into their legal codes in order to protect the special practices of some Muslims living among them. This has energized many Muslims in those countries and they are displaying a new boldness that is vocal, visible, and demonstrably assertive.

Each year, nearly 5,000 Muslim "honor killings" occur across the world (a practice whereby parents kill children who allegedly bring "dishonor" on Islam by dating non-Muslims, wearing western garb, converting to another religion, etc.). Dozens of those murders are committed in Europe, but in many of these formerly Christian nations, those who commit the "honor killings" (i.e., the murder of their own children) often go unpunished since the death of their child was "required" by Islamic law (now included in the legal law of the land). Additionally, many public personalities across Europe who criticized Islam have been murdered, causing Parliaments in the Netherlands and other European countries to forbid criticism of Islam in an effort to prevent further murders. These nations, having given up precious ground, are now having difficulty retaking it.

Historically, on this continent Christian America adopted an open free-market approach to all religions from the beginning. American Christians then (and now) were not fearful of other religions. They were confident that Christianity would prevail on its own merits and they therefore followed the Biblical precedent set forth in both the Old and New Testaments of simply presenting God's word in a straightforward manner, expecting that the Holy Spirit will confirm His word in the hearts of hearers. Christians believe that on a level playing field, Christianity will always prevail through the voluntary choice of the people.

As a result, Christian America welcomed all religions, with Muslims arriving here by 1619, Jews establishing their first synagogue in 1654, and Buddhists, Hindus, and others also being present from the early days. Significantly, only America extended (and continues to extend) a free-market religious tolerance to others while still preserving the core societal values of our Christian heritage. But the culture has begun to shift. The level playing field is being eroded. As in Europe, Christianity is being knocked down and Islam elevated.

For example, a federal court of appeals ruled that public schools in nine western states can require a three week indoctrination to the Islamic faith in which all junior high students must pretend they are Muslims and offer prayers to Allah (students are further encouraged to take Islamic names, call each other by those names, wear Islamic garb, participate in Jihad games, and read the Koran during those three weeks). Yet that very court also ruled that it was unconstitutional for those same students to voluntarily mention "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. Likewise, a federal court on the east coast ruled that public schools may display Islamic holiday symbols but not Christian ones. And the University of Michigan recently spent $25,000 of taxpayer money to install foot-washing facilities to accommodate the religious practices of Muslim students but made no similar expenditure on behalf of students from any other religion.

As a result of such actions, many Muslims are exercising a new boldness in America. In fact, Muslim "honor killings" have now arrived in the United States (most recently in Texas); and just a few weeks ago, direct action was taken to prevent the honor-killing of a 17-year old Muslim girl in Ohio who converted to Christianity and, in fear of her life, fled from her parents to Florida.

American Muslims have also enjoyed the direct support of President Obama. In April, he traveled to Egypt where he told the Muslim world that America no longer considers itself a Christian nation. He later traveled to Turkey and announced that America was one of the largest Muslim nations in the world (despite the fact that 78% of Americans claim to be Christians but only 1% claim to be Muslims). Then in May, President Obama refused to invite Christian and Jewish leaders to the White House to participate in the National Day of Prayer (as former presidents have done), but in September, he did invite Muslim leaders to the White House for a special Muslim Ramadan celebration to commemorate Allah delivering the Koran to his prophet Mohammed.

Heartened by this new encouragement, Muslim leaders have called 50,000 observant Muslims to come to the Capitol this Friday, September 25, for a day of Jummah (Friday congregational prayer). The sponsors promise that from 4AM to 7PM, "the Athan [the call given five times each day for Muslims to participate in mandatory prayer] will be chanted on Capitol Hill, echoing off of the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and other great edifices that surround Capitol Hill." The goal of this event is that "the peace, beauty and solidarity of Islam will shine through America's capitol." In fact, their website for this unprecedented event proudly and unabashedly declares, "Our Time Has Come!"

As Bible-believing people, let's also make this Friday a day of prayer – and please encourage others to participate with you. We know that our contest is with spiritual forces (Ephesians 6:12), and we firmly believe that He Who is within us is greater than any other god or force (1 John 4:4), so I encourage you to fill America with prayer to the True God this coming Friday.

God Bless!

David Barton

P. S. This call for Christians to pray this Friday is not a prayer "competition" between Christianity and Islam, nor is it a spiritual Christian "jihad" or "holy war" (what an oxymoronic term – a holy war!). After all, in I Kings 18, Elijah encouraged the prophets of the god Baal to take more time in their praying; he didn't object to their prayers, he just wanted to make sure that he was able to make his own prayers to the True God. This Friday offers a similar opportunity for those who fear God and believe His Scriptures to offer up their own prayers to Him.
Please pray today. Pray that God will once again, as He has done through our American history, make His presence unmistakable within our country. Pray for the Muslims gathering on the Capitol, that their eyes and hearts will be open to the truth. Pray for the future of freedom for Christians in our country.

Cardboard Cutout of the United States

Now add the creepy childhood tribute song in the background and we're ready for Halloween. Seriously, was he actually at the UN? Or did a cardboard cutout fool everyone.

Barack Obama's amazingly consistent smile from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo.

Now add the teleprompter. He's nearly lifelike.

Also, watch the smile the first time. Watch the hands the second. Insert President here.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Congress: lets debate the bat

Amusing. Onion gives us a taste of what it would be like if Congress had an immediate problem needing a solution. Pretty much spot on.

Wonder where they got the idea of putting bloodsuckers in a room with a bat?

Environmentalists fly to save planet from flying

First, I like the premise - asking environmental imperialists to live by the standards they are preaching.
Second, I like his accent.

Gillian, oh Gillian. I liked you in X-Files. But then again, you were playing someone else. So sometimes you have to fly in order to bring awareness to others to make them stop flying?
Here's a thought: clean up your own mess, first. Stop flying. Then go from there. No other options? You'd have to swim? What about a boat? What about keeping your arse home?

It truly is an apropos title for the movie given those behind it. "The Age of Stupid." Darn it and they thought it was catchy.

Filmmaker Phelim McAleer, asking the director and celebrity endorsers questions like, "Did you fly here?", since the movie says the only thing worse than taking a plane is setting an entire forest on fire, was forcefully removed. Journalists don't ask questions, silly. They slobber all over themselves to propagate the ridiculousness. Didn't you get that memo?
After a few questions which revealed that none of those at the premiere had the slightest intention of living up to the standards they demand of others the film makers decided they didn’t want to be accountable. Along with their security guards they manhandled me and and forced me of the press deck despite having given me accreditation to be there.
You can't really blame environmentalists for their blatant and retarded hypocrisy. Look at their Mona Lisa - Al Gore. The man is a walking, talking expelling vat of carbon. He's a carbon glutton. A carbon hog. Carbon is his drug of choice.
But don't judge. Just shut off the man's electricity and send in a therapist with a solar-powered flashlight.

Netanyahu to UN: Have you no shame?

Apparently none at all.
The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the UN today and their appeasement of Ahmadinejad, a Holocaust denier and leader of the Iranian terrorist regime which shoots their own peaceful protesters in the streets.

His words are brief and sharp as a two-edged sword. Listen to the end. His last line almost seems more prophetic than mere commentary.

This man always pinches my heart. I can't even say what it is about him. Maybe his three marriages? I doubt it.
He seems so alone, so vacated, as if he needs one person, only one, to look him in the eye and smile sympathetically back. To let him know not everyone lauds the destruction of the entire Jewish race.
For some like me, I feel kinship. They are the people of my Savior, the ones chosen by God - not because of their supremacy but because of His - to bring His son into the world. For this reason, they are intrinsically linked to me. And because of their infinite place in history and their historic rejection of Christ, I view them with a melancholy mixture of care and disappointment.

I don't remember what age I was or even the event. I'd guess around elementary or junior high. It had been during one of those infamous and repetitive Palestinian and Israeli peace talks held in the US, with Israel making conccessions and Palestine making none. Yasser Arafat, garbed in his turban and dark eyes, sat across from this clean-cut, nearly non-aging Israeli statesman with his white hair and somber expression.
That was the first time I saw him. And I distinctly remember thinking, 'Why does he look so sad? He acts like a man with the fate of the entire world on his shoulders?'

I was an astute kid.

Creepy Video: Children singing O' song

No, it's not the same one from the election. It's NEW. How invigorating to know children are being indoctrinated by deity-type worshiping lyrics about Obama set to the tune of "Jesus Loves the Little Children".
Oh, and it gets better. It happened at a public elementary school in New Jersey. Isn't that against separation of church and state?

Exurban League
has the story. And the creepy song. Sheesh.

An important update about the creepy video we posted yesterday. The Burlington Township School District, to which B. Bernice Youngs Elementary School belongs, posted the following Letter to Parents this morning.
Dear Burlington Township Families:

Today we became aware of a video that was placed on the internet which has been reported in the media. The video is of a class of students singing a song about President Obama. The activity took place during Black History Month in 2009, which is recognized each February to honor the contributions of African Americans to our country. Our curriculum studies, honors and recognizes those who serve our country. The recording and distribution of the class activity were unauthorized.

If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me or Dr. King, Principal of B. Bernice Young School, directly.

Dr. Christopher M. Manno,
Superintendent of Schools

So, a public school had an official lesson using impressionable children to praise Barack Obama. The song they used even co-opted lyrics from "Jesus Loves the Little Children" with Obama's name inserted in place of God.

This story is only getting started.

Aren't they all?

So the Superintendent's biggest issue is not with the creepy song but with the fact it was taped and people found out about it?

Here's the video. I'd suggest not eating beforehand. Hopefully these parents will throw a fit. Presidents are servants, not dictators.

Read the full lyrics. But here is a highlight:

Barack Hussein Obama
He said Red, Yellow, Black or White
All are equal in his sight
Mmm, mmm, mm!

That video gives me chills. Or, maybe better said, it makes my skin crawl.

Just a quick reminder about the government in which we live:
THE PEOPLE are the boss. They hire and fire. They are the ones in authority. They may not dress in suits and ties, speak into microphones, and live in a constant state of pomp and circumstance. But still, they are the boss.
Politicians work for them. Like employees. They are elected for a short period to perform whatever duties are necessary and established by the Constitution. Then they are gone.
Our entire framework of our entire history hinges on the foundation of a government run by the people, not figureheads. If you want that, go to North Korea.

This friendly government reminder brought to you by Live Freely, the all-natural, unhomogenized, individually empowered way for a better night's rest and an overall better future. Live Freely. Available wherever government is not.

And they all fall down

Big Labor. Big Government. Big ACORN. Who knew they were dominoes instead of separate entities. Well...conservatives did. But let's not quibble. We can quibble later.

The bleach is out. Scrubbing is underway. And as the filth of ACORN continues bubbling up from the sewers, their greatest friends - like Big Labor - would like to forget they've been swapping spit for years. Don Loo at connected the dots before the dots could be sanitized.

Even before U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis was sworn in, Big Labor insiders like AFL-CIO lawyer and Obama appointee Deborah Greenfield were busily dismantling useful union financial disclosures produced by former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao.

In other words, removing Bush open policies for unions with Obama's closed ones. Okay, on with the story.

It’s another Big Government – Big Labor partnership aimed at keeping individual workers, whom they claim to represent, in the dark.

Why the hurry? Perhaps Union Bosses wanted to prevent the Virginia GOP and inquisitive people like Patrick Semmens from visiting DOL’s website that clearly reveals the Big Labor-ACORN collusion. Semmens discovered that teachers’ union bosses gave about $500,000 to the same Brooklyn ACORN office exposed on Both the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) awarded ACORN service contracts.

That’s right; union bosses gave teachers’ forced union dues to the same ACORN that appeared to have no problem facilitating child prostitution. No wonder Solis’ Big Labor friends want to shutdown financial disclosure!

Transparency. Oh transparency.

Where art thou?

Thy hair is like dreadlocks,

unwashed and tangled.

Thy skin is potted with acne,

corruption seepeth from thy pores.

I do not recognize thy sweet savor because thy stinketh.

This then,

cannot be,


Losing friends and infuriating people

Uh oh.
You can't expect the British, our most avid and staunchest ally, to keep taking Obama's hits on the "cheen." He keeps insulting them. And they appear done with forgiveness.
I don't blame them.
For a guy so enthusiastically heralded as brilliant, a man to make America popular in the world again as if we're a ditzy beauty pageant contestant, he's a miserable statesman. Unless, of course, with iron-fisted dictators, bloodthirsty terrorists, and power-mad rulers like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Vladimir Putin. They love him. Fist bump!
They love any American ruler who is weak. Bullies love the weak, promote the weak, because they can take advantage of the weak. And Obama doesn't seem to care that the lunch money being handed over equates to his nation's security.
Nah. He's too busy getting rid of our nuclear weapon arsenal while Ahmadinejad can't get enough enriched uranium to quench his destruction-minded thirst. Lest we forget, his favorite quote is "Death to Israel." Quickly followed by, "Death to America."
Terrorists are the man's best friend. American supporters and lovers of democracy, like England and Honduras, are expected to turn the other cheek. And turn. And turn. And turn again.

The whiplash is ending.
David Hughes, the UK's Daily Telegraph's chief writer and 30-year political reporter, doesn't have that Hopenchange feeling anymore. Here is his scathing and accurate criticism of Obama. He's humiliated, as is his country, at the treatement of their Prime Minister. And as an American, so am I.

Barack Obama's churlishness is unforgiveable

The juxtaposition on our front page this morning is striking. We carry a photograph of Acting Sgt Michael Lockett - who was killed in Helmand on Monday - receiving the Military Cross from the Queen in June, 2008. He was the 217th British soldier to die in the Afghan conflict. Alongside the picture, we read that the Prime Minister was forced to dash through the kitchens of the UN in New York to secure a few minutes “face time” with President Obama after five requests for a sit-down meeting were rejected by the White House.

What are we to make of this? This country has proved, through the bravery of men like Acting Sgt Lockett, America’s staunchest ally in Afghanistan. In return, the American President treats the British Prime Minister with casual contempt. The President’s graceless behaviour is unforgivable. As most members of the Cabinet would confirm, it’s not a barrel of laughs having to sit down for a chat with Gordon Brown. But that’s not the point. Mr Obama owes this country a great deal for its unflinching commitment to the American-led war in Afghanistan but seems incapable of acknowledging the fact. You might have thought that after the shambles of Mr Brown’s first visit to the Obama White House - when there was no joint press conference and the President’s “gift” to the Prime Minister was a boxed DVD set - lessons would have been learned. Apparently not. Admittedly, part of the problem was Downing Street’s over-anxiety to secure a face-to-face meeting for domestic political purposes but the White House should still have been more obliging. Mr Obama’s churlishness is fresh evidence that the US/UK special relationship is a one-way street.

I knew they hadn't forgotten that DVD boxed set incident.

NEA: We're not promoting the President's agenda because we said we're not promoting the President's agenda while we promote the President's agenda

At Big, Adam Baldwin, my favorite actor on Chuck (as well as in Independence Day because he's seriously good-looking in a uniform) put together a compilation of interesting denial quotes concerning the NEA and Obama White House conference call scandal.
I like the way this man thinks. And looks. Did I mention the looks? Yeah, that part, too.

Reiterating the NEA’s denial about the purpose of the notorious August 10, 2009 teleconference, Chairman Rocco Landesman doubled-down Tuesday:

“Fact 3: ‘This call was not a means to promote any legislative agenda and any suggestions to that end are simply false.”

Two weeks ago, the NEA’s initial denial stated:

“This call was not a means to promote any legislative agenda and any suggestions to that end are simply false.“

The White House issued its denial on September 9:

“the Aug. 10 teleconference ‘was not meant to promote any legislative agenda.”

Utterly consistent messaging, one must agree.

However, prior inconsistencies matter. Buffy Wicks’ clearly stated on the August 10th call:

“I’m at the Office of Public Engagement here at the White House… we work under Valerie Jarrett, she’s one of our fantastic leaders and Tina Tchen… I’m actually in the White House and working towards furthering this agenda, this very aggressive agenda… we need you, and we’re going to need your help, and we’re going to come at you with some specific asks here…”

Ms. Wicks closed:

We need your guys’ help to promote this. We know that you all have channels and ability to get the message out far greater than we do here and the president’s put out the call… we know that you all are very powerful voices of change in your own right, and we’re looking to you for your help on that.”

I can't really whistle. I'm not good at popping my gum. And I've never been able to talk out of both sides of my mouth. Apparently, many can.

Safe Schools Czar = pedophile cover-up

The Treasury Secretary doesn't pay taxes and the Safe Schools Czar doesn't mind pedophiles. And, let's not forget, our American President apologizes for his country at every opportunity.
"Yes, I'd like the Big Mac, a small strawberry shake, oh, and I'm really sorry America sucks. Can you supersize those fries?"
Kevin Jennings, the Safe Schools Czar, isn't really into safe schools at all, unless your homosexual. Oh yes, and he likes to write about his hatred for religion and his drug usage. I can't think of a better role model for children, unless it's anyone else minus Sirhan Sirhan or Charles Manson.

FoxNews reports. What? You thought it was MSNBC? Silly.

President Obama's "safe schools czar" is a former schoolteacher who has advocated promoting homosexuality in schools, written about his past drug abuse, expressed his contempt for religion and detailed an incident in which he did not report an underage student who told him he was having sex with older men.

Conservatives are up in arms about the appointment of Kevin Jennings, Obama's director of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, saying he is too radical for the job.

Jennings was appointed to the position largely because of his longtime record of working to end bullying and discrimination in schools. In 1990, as a teacher in Massachusetts, he founded the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), which now has over 40 chapters at schools nationwide. He has also published six books on gay rights and education, including one that describes his own experiences as a closeted gay student.


"Jennings was obviously chosen for this job because of the safe schools aspect... defining 'safe schools' narrowly in terms of 'safe for homosexuality'," Peter Sprigg, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, told

"But at least half of the job involves creating drug-free schools, and we've not been offered any evidence about what qualifications Jennings has for promoting drug-free schools."

Jennings' detractors note that he made four references to his personal drug abuse in his 2007 autobiography, "Mama's Boy, Preacher's Son: A Memoir." On page 103, discussing his high school years in Hawaii in the early 1980s, Jennings wrote:

"I got stoned more often and went out to the beach at Bellows, overlooking Honolulu Harbor and the lights of the city, to drink with my buddies on Friday and Saturday nights, spending hours watching the planes take off and land at the airport, which is actually quite fascinating when you are drunk and stoned."


"It would be nice to hear from Mr. Jennings ... that he regrets the drug use he engaged in when he was in school," Sprigg said. "But in this autobiography, which Mr. Jennings wrote only recently, he never expresses any regret about his youthful drug use."

It's like Obama pulled up a rock, grabbed whatever dark, slimy thing he found crawling under it, and gave them authority over our country.

Curtsy Gateway Pundit

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chicken Little President blaming Boston drivers for nonexistent destruction of the planet

Carbon emissions from cars in Boston and factories in Beijing are melting the ice caps and imperiling the planet.
Barack Obama,
President and Preacher

Maybe it's because of the way they drive in Boston. Have you ever been there? Insanity.

But wow, what a speech. The man is brilliant, right? Just freakin' brilliant. He doesn't sound like a doofus at all. Cars in Boston are melting the ice caps. Yep. Genius. He's a little bit Einstein, a little bit Clooney. let's look at those sticky little pains in the arses called facts.

This week from the National Geographic:

This year’s cooler-than-expected summer means the Arctic probably won’t experience ice-free summers until 2030 or 2040, scientists say.

Some models had previously predicted that the Arctic could be ice free in summer by as soon as 2013, due to rising temperatures from global warming.

Breathe easy Boston drivers. You've got 20 or 30 years left to putter around killing us all. Start your engines.

And what does the phrase "cooler-than-expected" mean to you? That, I'm just shooting in the dark here, these climate experts suck at predicting the climate? That they can't "expect" what's going to happen because Mother Nature is not a force to be taimed and controlled?
Nah. Their computer models are flawless. Ask Gore. Everywhere he goes to preach about global warming a freakish snow storm follows. But...he expected it.

You can't actually pay the National Geographic any mind. This is what they reported only last summer:
“We’re actually projecting this year that the North Pole may be free of ice for the first time [in history],” David Barber, of the University of Manitoba, told National Geographic News aboard the C.C.G.S. Amundsen, a Canadian research icebreaker.
Definitely not "expected". They had predicted catastrophy and instead got what us redneck folks here in the sticks like to call temperature fluctuations, aww shucks. Darn this entire eco-system not playing by those propagandized rules.

It appears at least one full-functioning adult attended the U.N. meeting on climate change where Obama said his big speech and sat in his big chair. Czech President Vaclav Klaus thought he was attending a junior high school production.
"It was sad and it was frustrating...It's a propagandistic exercise where 13-year-old girls from some far-away country perform a pre-rehearsed poem. It's simply not dignified."
Sad and frustrating is a boatload of world diplomats stomping around moaning and wailing climate change and carbon emissions while being shuttled about in 20- to 30-vehicle motorcades, tying up idling traffic, stuffing their faces, and filling Manhattan with enough hot air and gas to melt the polar ice caps all by themselves.

Try, fellas. You might just save the world.

Reflections from TOTUS

Because there is no POTUS without TOTUS

About That Chair ...

Big Guy made his first formal speech to the UN general assembly this morning. He was kind of nervous because he heard that Germany might be walking out on his friend, Iran's Almadininutjob, if he was too tough on Israel.
"There isn't a chance that anyone will walk out on me, is there?" Big Guy asked Toes before he went on. Toes just laughed and said not to worry, the only delegation that might have walked out was the United States', but we had stand-ins from ACORN filling those seats.

Beyond that, we were a little disappointed that there wasn't a lot of applause during the speech. This was a tough crowd. Apparently world regulation isn't what we thought it was cracked up to be.
Something positive did come out of this trip, though. We bought some new furniture for the White House. Big O really liked the chair he sat in in front of the assembly before taking the podium. We bought it from the UN and will use it for speeches, press conferences and other official events. Like Big Guy was saying as we loaded it into the car, "What's the point of walking down that red carpet if you don't have a throne to sit in afterward?"

Maybe this wasn't such a positive thing after all.

So much corruption in so little time

I can't keep up. I have a life to live, food to eat, work to do, sleep to obtain. To keep up with this administration's wheelings and dealings, you need a task force of accountants and law-based attorneys on unlimited espresso shots hidden on an uncharted island surrounded by Navy Seals and hooked up to Internet IVs.
I can't figure out if this administration is brilliant because they have 1,001 ways to skirt near and through every conceivable tax code and campaign law on record. Or if they're complete derelicts because they keep getting caught.
Nonetheless, no one will make a stink except the online truth brigades stirring up enough dust to leave Katie Couric gnawing on grit.

Here's the facts, in only the way someone else but me can tell them.

Via National Review Online:

Did Sen. Tom Carper Just Admit PhRMA and the White House Had a Laws-for-Ads Deal?

While discussing an amendment to have drug companies pay more to the government as part of the health care reform bill, Senator Tom Carper, D-Del., said:

I'll tell you — if someone negotiated a deal with me and I agreed to put up say, 80 dollars or 80 million dollars or 80 billion dollars and then you came back and said to me a couple of weeks later — no no, I know you agreed to do 80 billion and I know you were willing to help support through an advertising campaign this particular — not even this particular bill, just the idea of generic health care reform? No, we're going to double — we're going to double what you agreed in those negotiations to do. That's not the way — that's not what I consider treating people the way I'd want to be treated.

How's that hope and change working out for ya? This isn't even the usual slime of deceit and favors and corruption in Washington. It's slime-plus. New improved slime. Slime you can believe in.

This is a new ethics issue, on top of the current NEA issue yet to be resolved. If you haven't heard about that one, here's a brief recap from Andrew Klavan:

Through the work of artist and blogger Patrick Courrielche, Andrew Breitbart’s new website Big Government—reporting the news so the mainstream media won’t have to—has just released a sickening transcript of an August 10 conference call jointly hosted by the National Endowment for the Arts, the White House’s Office of Public Engagement, and United We Serve, an initiative overseen by the Corporation for National and Community Service, a federal agency. The purpose of the call was to urge a group of pro-Obama artists to get out there and start creating art that would support the president’s agenda on health care, the environment, education, and community services. Speaking at the request of “folks in the White House and folks in the NEA,” Michael Skolnick, political director for Obama-mad hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, told the assembled artists, “All of us who are on this phone call were selected for a reason, and you are the ones that lead by example in your communities. You are the thought leaders. You are the ones that, if you create a piece of art, or promote a piece of art or create a campaign for a company, and tell our country and our young people sort of what do and what to be into, and what’s cool and what’s not cool.”

Churches can't campaign because of their tax-exempt status. Not because they get money from the government but because they don't give money to the government. Let a pastor give his congregants an opinion on a candidate and watch the vitriol fly. Yet NEA, a tax supported creative gestapo, can play politics?

The White House tried to ignore the NEA scandal, said Ed Morrissey in Hot Air, but Andrew Breitbart made that impossible. Breitbart's Big Hollywood website posted audio of a conference call in which Obama administration officials asked "grant recipients to plug Barack Obama’s domestic agenda." That finally got media outlets interested, and the White House had "to do the obligatory issuance of 'new guidelines' to avoid a repeat."

A repeat of what, angry readers might ask, said Kevin Drum in Mother Jones. Conservatives are "going ape" over the intrigue at the National Endowment for the Arts, but all that happened was that "a White House flack and an NEA flack arranged a conference call with a bunch of artists and encouraged them to create artwork in support of the president's National Day of Service." The Right will regret making a big deal of this "nothingburger" unless another shoe drops.

Nice try, said Ben Shapiro in Big Hollywood. But at least six federal laws and regulations were violated when then NEA communications director Yosi Sergant and White House Office of Public Engagement deputy director Buffy Wicks tried twisting the arms of artists and arts groups interested in getting federal arts grants. If Congress doesn't launch a full investigation, it is endorsing "the misuse of taxpayer funds."
Yosi's gone, or at least reassigned. Wonder if there's space in his new office under the bus for Buffy.

Today's poll: We heart our health care

Bad news for ObamaCare.

Then again, bad news for Americans opposed to ObamaCare, too, because no matter what Americans want, it's secondary to Obama's legacy. And his legacy demands ObamaCare.
Americans are broadly satisfied with the quality of their own medical care and healthcare costs, but of the two, satisfaction with costs lags. Overall, 80% are satisfied with the quality of medical care available to them, including 39% who are very satisfied. Sixty-one percent are satisfied with the cost of their medical care, including 20% who are very satisfied.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Favorite Idiots: Dave Matthews. UPDATE: Greg Gutfeld agrees

Photo via

The "Quote Them" section didn't quite cover this stupidity. So I've pulled out an old friend, the "Favorite Idiots" posts. Trust me. Dave Matthews deserves it. But don't take my word for it.

President Carter said he thinks that a lot of the animosity directed toward President Obama is race related.
He also thinks he won a second term.

Dave Matthews:
Of course it is!
Racist Americans elected a black man as President only to protest against his race months later. Duh.
I found there's a fairly blatant racism in America that's already there, and I don't think I noticed it when I lived here as a kid.
White sheets are all the fashion rage.
But when I went back to South Africa, and then it's sort of thrust in your face, and then came back here -- I just see it everywhere.
Like Starbucks. Wait...are Starbucks also racist?
There's a good population of people in this country that are terrified of the president only because he's black, even if they don't say it.
They may not even know it. But do you seem them drinking chocolate milk? Or do they stick with plain? There ya go.
And I think a lot of them, behind closed doors, do say it.
Closed doors and windows, but only if they are double-pane and heavily insulated.
Maybe I'm paranoid about it,
That couldn't possibly be it.
but I don't think someone who disagreed as strongly as they do with Obama -- if it was Clinton -- would have stood up and screamed at him during his speech.
It couldn't be general passion against lying. Nope. It so racism.
I don't think so.
The punctuation is wrong. It's actually: "I don't think. So..."

The Fox Red Eye host, Greg Gutfeld, had a few interesting additional thoughts and facts to add about our friend Davie. Thought you might enjoy:

You may remember when, a few years back, the tour bus belonging to rabid environmentalist/human kazoo Dave Mathews dumped up to 100 gallons of human waste through the grates of a Chicago bridge, drenching folks on a boat below, as well as polluting the river. Well, the chirping goggle-eyed warbler is at it again – this time spewing a load of crap on America, in an interview with CNN.


When the network asked whether the singer agreed with Jimmy Carter, who said America is rife with racism, Matthews said, quote, “Of course it is! I found there’s a fairly blatant racism in America that’s already there, and I don’t think I noticed it when I lived here as a kid. …There’s a good population of people in this country that are terrified of the president only because he’s black, even if they don’t say it. And I think a lot of them, behind closed doors, do say it.”

Okay – let me get this straight. The entertainer sees “blatant” racism everywhere – yet describes it as unsaid – and behind closed doors!

Which means, it’s not blatant at all! It’s invisible, like oxygen – yet Matthews can see it!


Look, it’s got to be awesome to possess an ability to detect bigotry in people who show no signs of it. Matthews should hire himself out to local fairs, next to the chap who can guess your weight.

However, I may be giving Dave too much credit. He just doesn’t seem like a guy who thoughtfully came to this conclusion, all by himself. I mean, his tiresome screed sounds exactly like the same baloney you hear from other entertainers who pretend they’re keeping it real, when in fact their heads never rest on anything less than a Ritz Carlton pillow. It’s the guilt they feel about their own cushy existence that drives them to sidle up to the oppressed, even if there is no oppressor.

It’s enough to make me boycott Dave Mathews’ music. Which I admit is pointless, since I never listened his crap to begin with.

And if you disagree with me, then you’re probably a racist.

Debunking the Story of Stuff

Watch it for amusement. It's a decent laugh. My favorite part? Where the most toxic food is actually breast milk. But hey, it's still "best".

Did you miss the part where she explains government's role is to take care of us? Really? I didn't read that in the Constitution.

So, this is what I get from this video:
- America is the Devil.
- People gave up their futures so she could have a $4.99 radio.
- Consumers are also the Devil, so there's more than one.
- Factory workers are pathetic.
- Being poor is awesome.
- Corporations are the other Devil, the one not America or Consumers.
- Recycling is great, but what we really need to do is kill ourselves. And save the planet.
- Prosperity is the Devil.
- Stick figures aren't always cute.

If you survived the video, which is an insanity circus on display, here's the video in four parts that debunks the ridiculousness and gross misrepresentation of facts.

Oh, forgot to tell you, "The Story of Stuff" propaganda video is shown to children in the US and scaring the bageezes out of them. If your child has seen this video, you might show them the debunking videos so they'll want to play with Legos again.

PS Glenn Beck's book, "Arguing with Idiots," hit bookstores today.

I remember when school meant learning about our American history, proper English, basic algebra, and not eight hours of socialist propaganda. No wonder so many people are distressed.
Want to be happier? Getting rid of the "Story of Stuff" video would be a good start.

News from the Right: oxymoron?

Steven Crowder, ladies and gentlemen

He went to Berkeley, the beehive of liberals. Thankfully, they're too dazed and confused to land. This video will make you thankful for your brain.

Friday, September 18, 2009

the Zo Master

Soda Pop: a controlled substance

Like any expensive habit, be ready to sacrifice for it. Or find a black market dealer. Your Mr.Pibb might cost you more than your stomach lining. Obama is considering a soda tax as a way to pay for his incredibly brilliant and thoroughly organized plan of Universal Health Care.
I find comfort in knowing our President is campaigning, along with his wife, for an entire reconfiguration of our health care without having a way to finance it. That's how I live my life. I go to the grocery store without cash, load up my shopping cart, then hit up other people for the money to pay for it.
I ate on a piece of Hubba Bubba gum for three weeks, once.

Since alternative media is becoming the only media still working, here's a great article from The University of Dayton's student newspaper, Flyer News, by reporter Jessica Ledbetter.
Any interlaced sarcastic comments are solely mine.

Will Soda Pop Tax Pick Your Pocket?
Obama Suggests Taxing Soft Drinks To Decrease U.s. Health Care Costs

September 17, 2009

President Obama is stirring up negative public sentiments by toying with the idea of putting a tax on soda to lower the cost of health care.
Although he is correct in the correlation between soda and obesity, there are numerous other factors raising health care costs in America, and a tax on soda alone would not be able to cover these rising fees.
Your addiction to Mellow Yellow might save a life.
"By itself it would probably not really directly impact health care costs because there are so many other foods in addition to pop that has had an impact on the increase in obesity in the country," said political science professor Don Vermillion. "If you really want impact on health care you would probably attack not just pop but snack foods in addition. Also, the Center for Disease Control talks about how it's not just food and drink we have a problem with but lack of exercise, which impacts obesity and health care costs."
Who said he was finished? Expect the Pork Rind tax, Little Debbie tax, Twizzler tax, and of course, individual tax increases on items like graham crackers, the culprits behind S'mores.
Professor of dietetics Fran Angelo agrees, poses the question why tax one obesity factor and leave out the other?
"How about doughnuts and chips? Will these be taxed someday?" Angelo said. "This becomes a philosophical dilemma that each person must resolve in their own mind."
Do I want my child to go to college? Or do I want a bag of Doritos?
One potential reason Obama targeted the soda pop industry was the possibility that the public would accept this tax the same way they accepted tax on alcohol.
"Because beer has been taxed over the years, the thought may be that since people have accepted tax on beer and alcohol that maybe tax on soda pop would be something the public could accept if there was a feeling it could reduce rising health care bills in country," Vermillion said.
No more driving around with open Root Beer containers. You pop it, the police stop it.
But comparing the pros and cons resulting on the American public from this tax show that the biggest hit would be to lower income households. In these economically challenging times this is not what citizens are looking for.
"Already they've had spokesmen saying how damaging of an impact this would be on the soda industry and making a big case that the people most hit by this would be those with lower incomes," Vermillion said. "Therefore it would not be a wise way to fund health care initiatives."
I wouldn't worry about the word "wise" when talking about the government.
Along with hurting lower-class budgets, Obama's potential soda pop tax, known by many as a "sin tax," has American citizens upset for one main reason: the word tax.
Or the word "sin", which I thought meant adultery, murder, thievery, lying. Who knew God meant ordering Dr. Pepper with your enchiladas.
The deal Obama made with Americans was a promise of no new taxes and proposing this idea seems to counter that.
That's because Obama's statement had an expiration date, Nov. 4, 2008.
Yet all this conflict may be trivial considering this is one of many proposals Obama has developed to lower health care costs.
"I think he's trying to find any way that he can to fund the health care proposal being debated in Washington," Vermillion said. "And I'm thinking this was an idea that he threw out to see what kind of reaction there would be.
"I don't think he has even thought this through; he just threw it out as one idea, but there are number of ideas being floated around in Washington as to how we pay for this new health care proposal being discussed," Vermillion said. "No one has an easy answer, and they don't want to increase the deficit, so they're trying to find new ways to come up with funding sources to not make the deficit worse."
No answer. No ideas on how to fund it. Let's buy it! I drink water.

ACORN: We'll help you get away with stuff

Leno created an APORN...I mean ACORN commercial. He's doing his part to help.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ruuun Burrrris Ruuun!

FoxNews asks Sen. Roland Burris why he voted not to de-fund ACORN while the Congressman powerwalks to his next meeting. Darn it, if only he had worn his running shoes.


And then they went to San Diego

It's only a few bad apples. Except we've yet to find anything BUT bad apples. That's called a rotten bushel and you toss the whole thing out.

More ACORN. More filth. This time, they want in on the action. Smuggling in 13- and 15-year-old girls from Mexico to be sold as sex slaves? Oh, they want to help.

And this isn't the last location. isn't giving locations or even the number of additional locations. They have confirmed, however, this isn't the last one.

How strange there are so many rotten apples. Then again, if you are a Christian, you know to diagnose a tree by it's fruit.